The Truth About How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

“You should vacuum your carpet regularly”, “You should have scheduled professional carpet cleaning” – these are just some of the most common advice you would get when you ask different people on how often you should clean your carpet.


The thing is, the answer to this question will vary depending on numerous factors, such as:

The amount of traffic the carpeted area in your office or home receives;

If you (or any family member) suffer from asthma or allergies;

If you live with a pet;

The cleaning routine recommended by the manufacturer of your carpet


The amount of traffic the carpeted area in your office or home receives

If the carpet you are meaning to clean is located in a high traffic area within your home or office, then it is only logical that you clean it more frequently. If we are talking about a commercial space where people are free to walk on carpets with their shoes on, then vacuuming once a day would be ideal. Professional deep cleaning every three to six months is also recommended.


If you (or any family member) suffer from asthma or allergies

Carpets can hold air contaminants that can trigger asthma attacks or allergic reactions. Therefore, it is best to keep it clean at all times. Vacuuming at least thrice a week can help ensure that your carpet is well cleaned. You should also call in the professionals to clean your carpets twice a year.


If you live with a pet

When you live with a pet, especially one that is not trained yet, you should vacuum your carpet once a day and have it cleaned by the experts twice a year to get rid of any urine or other biological wastes on your carpet.


The cleaning routine recommended by the manufacturer of your carpet

Always check the cleaning recommended by your carpet’s manufacturer to make sure that you are not invalidating your carpet warranty. Most carpet companies would not honor the warranty if their recommended cleaning routine was not followed.


Carpet Cleaning VS Carpet Replacement

There’s no doubt that for almost every homeowner, it could be very hard to let some of your home properties go. For some of us, we would really try to save and restore every home item we value so much instead of immediately deciding to throw it away and just buy a new one.


But there are some instances where cleaning – no matter how extensive it is – would just prove to be a waste of time and money. There are some hopeless scenarios for your carpet that you would be left with no other choice than to have it replaced.


Carpet cleaning:

Professional carpet cleaners have the right equipment as well as the credentialed individuals to get rid of virtually any dirt on your carpet.


  • Rather than resorting to throwing away your carpet, you should consider your carpet’s value first. If your carpet is a really fine, expensive one, or an antique carpet – it is highly unlikely that you’ll find something exactly like it when you throw it away. Therefore, it will be better if you have it professionally cleaned.
  • Some people fear that once they see stains on their carpet, it’s time to let it go. But, if the stain on your carpet was just made by accidental spills of common food items or liquid such as wine, chocolates, or sauces, you might still have a chance to save it if you leave the job to the pros.


Carpet replacement:

Carpet replacement isn’t just costly – it can be a lot of work, too. However, there are times when you really have to replace an old carpeting.


  • Consider buying a new carpet if your old one is infested by mold growth. Unfortunately, there’s little (or nothing) you can do to totally remove mold from your carpet.
  • When your carpet was destroyed by water damage. Extensive water damage would only lead to inevitable mold growth.
  • If your carpet is more than a decade-year-old, you could also look into having it replaced. Carpets do deteriorate after years of being used and there’s really nothing you can do to stop it – particularly if you have placed this carpet in a busy area.