Most Common Myths in Carpet Cleaning

Over the years, there have been countless myths that become popular regarding various topics, including carpet cleaning. Falling victim to these carpet cleaning myths can result in you wasting time, money, and effort in practicing something in hopes of ridding your carpet of dirt and stains; or worse, believing in misleading myths on carpet cleaning can even harm your carpet and cause it to deteriorate much faster.


You have to learn what’s true and what’s not when it comes to cleaning your carpet. These are some of the most common myths in carpet cleaning:


Baking soda will remove unpleasant odors from my carpet. – No, it won’t. Baking soda might reduce the smell, but just like our bodies, an unpleasant smell would not be removed by putting on cologne – you have to take actually take a bath. You have to wash your carpet to completely get rid of any foul smell coming from your carpet.


Hot water extraction carpet cleaning will produce molds in my carpet. – Hot water extraction will lead to mold growth ONLY if your carpet was not properly dried after the dirt extraction. For this reason, hot water extraction should only be done by professional carpet cleaning companies because they have state of the art carpet drying appliances to effectively remove moisture from your carpet.


Dry carpet cleaning is enough to clean my carpets. — Dry carpet cleaning, though it can result in a brighter looking carpet, is not as in depth as steam cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning mostly removes dirt that is visible on the carpet surface. If you want to make sure that deeply seated soil, allergens, dust, and other contaminants are removed from your carpet fibers, hot water extraction or steam cleaning is still the way to go.


The stronger the carpet cleaning agent is, the better. — This is possibly one of the most dangerous myths to believe in because it can make you directly destroy your carpet. The truth is, the harsher the cleaning agent, the bigger chance it would be harsh on your carpet too.